Protect Your Gun / Photo Tutorial

You can make any cover of any size for many tools or other important things

This is a general instruction of how you can protect your gun.

I’ve started with two types of fabric, fleece for the inside and a strong type of fabric for the outside, just sewing them together and creating a diamond pattern on the outside of the cover.

It is also possible to use any type of fabric, colour and thickness and any type of zipper for this.

Second part is how you sew the zipper.
On my product a continuous plastic zipper with two sliders is used.
It is very important to get the correct place for both sides of the zipper, left and Right.
It would be helpful to make some marks where exactly the middle is and a quarter of the way up the length of the cover as well, following this part of the progress is not important though.

I’m a bit obsessed with hiding all zipper tapes, so you can see my obsession with this progress.

Hiding zipper with bias binding will give you a neat and tidy product, but this is a lenghty process.

Next step would be sewing the inner pockets, again this is upto you, size, materials etc.

You can use webbing for this last step to make the shoulders straps or any other type of carrying straps.

So now is your work doneand I’m sure you can be proud of your resulting product.

Any feedback, positive, constructive, negative will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for visit


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